Nederland. Schiphol Amsterdam, 4 juni 2010
launch van samenwerkingsverband duurzaamheids platform the Grounds
foto: Herman Wouters

Debat.NL SkillsTracker facilitates feedback

Colleagues serving as an example and a fresh perspective from a new colleague proves to be an excellent source of fast learning. Therefore, participants in the Debat.NL Skillstracker have the opportunity to ask feedback from their colleagues.

It’s an example of how we apply the theory of 70 – 20 – 10. You learn most from on-the-job experience (70%), a lot from your colleagues (20%) and only a small part from standard courses (10%). With our app you receive feedback and tips at the moment you really need it.


Debat.NL and ProDemos extend cooperation in 2021

Thanks to our expertise in learning how politics work, ProDemos (‘House for Democracy and Rule of Law’) has extended the contract for one of the most popular courses, ‘Active Politics’. Over 6000 political candidates for city councils have participated in our program in the past few years.

ProDemos is the largest organization in the Netherlands aimed at fostering democratic processes and providing the general public with information about the functioning of the Dutch democracy. Debat.NL provides a training course on how to a good political debate, including the skills that you to persuade in a city council. Debat.NL is proud to made a valuable contribution to the functioning of the Dutch democracy.


Partnership 2021: Debat.NL and the Dutch Association for City Councilors

To meet the need of local councilmembers the Dutch Association for City Councilors (4000 members) wants to use the Debat.NL App. For the past couple of years, Debat.NL developed animated videos about municipal council issues and training services in the field of political debating skills. Given the desire to support councillors individually, we are partnering up in developing our app to further support local politicians in improving their persuasion skills.