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Our Masterclasses

Our Masterclasses are well-known and improve the participants' skills with a proven combination of training and online challenges.

Psychology of Persuasion

To convince means to change behaviour

The difference between convincing and persuading? That requires insight into the psychology of persuasion. Increase your influence with the Psychology Masterclass of Persuasion.

TED Talk Masterclass

Speak more persuasive and powerful

Would you like to persuade like a true TED Talk speaker: to the point, personal and persuasive? Participate with your team in our proven Ted Talk Masterclass.

Professional moderation skills

Learn how to design and lead your conference

How do you get a group of people from a to b? Learn how to design meetings that facilitate interaction and can be used to suit your purpose.

Training Political Debating Skills

Increase your influence in the debate

In the political arena, how do you get a majority for your position? You will learn the techniques, tactics and tricks in the Political Debating Skills Training.