About us

Personal approach in persuasion skills

Over 25 years of experience
Author of 11 books on persuasion skills
Combination of offline and online learning

The unrecognizable speakers receives a round of applause after her comments at the expo.

Our Mission

Everybody needs persuasion skills. Our mission is to increase persuasion skills in the most accessible way possible.

Active across the EU

11 books published

Groups of 15 to 1500

Our story

While talking to their counterparts the founders of Debat.NL found out that persuasion is a form of art. When is an opinion or point of view substantiated well enough? How do you deal with resistance and criticism? And how do you keep your audience engaged?

During hundreds of debates, meetings, speeches and scientific articles we found out. We summarized all our experience in a unique method in the field of persuasion with 50 easy to apply techniques. And that attracts attention.

World champion debating

50 proven techniques

Innovative blended learning

Raised up hands and arms of large group in seminar class room to agree with speaker at conference seminar meeting room